Concerts for Children

Akina Strings members are all actvie music teachers and educators. Our members have recived training in a wide range of eudcational approaches including Colourstrings,the Kodaly Approach and the Suzuki Method as well as studying under renowned music professionlas at leading concervatoires. Whilst training for their professional musical performance qualifications our members undertook outreach work for Live Music Now! and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Since the formation of Akina Strings, the group have keen to share their love of chamber music with all audiences young and old leading to performances at Norden Farm in collaboration with Concertini. Forthcoming engagements for Akina Strings include performances at Berkshire schools covering curriculm requirements Early years through to KS 4 and all performance are developed in discussion with QTS holding music specialists.

If you would be interested in Akina Strings performing in your setting please contact us